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I’m really obsessing about this whole getting into college thing… to the point to where I’m dreaming about it. The test I studied for/took distracted me for about three hours. Now I’m back to being stressed. I might sew something in the next few days. Or go out on a date.That might help.

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I keep thinking about the things I could have done better. Essays I could have tweaked, references I should have gotten.. But it doesn’t matter. Its sent. Its done. Just have to wait. I need a stressless distraction. x_x Guess I’ll go study. Or wash my hair.

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Got my dates mixed up. Thought the deadline was Oct 15th. It was actually the 1st. Which I got all my materials in way ahead of time… I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this. That means they are looking at my application and judging me at this moment….. and I know I have a major weak spot. I can only hope all the work that I have been putting in recently will make up for it. My future is in their hands. Scary.

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"I may not be a person of color but I’m a woman I know what it’s like to be a minor-"image

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This sort of behavior used to irritate me until I learned about how invasive paparazzi are in America. There are no laws against it.
I’ve also realized, that by flipping off the camera, the pictures can’t be sold to magazines because of “profanity”. So really, she’s just protecting herself.

i did not know that.

the pictures still ended up on tumblr so….. didn’t really do anything eh

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Fucking Christ

These are technically still facts.

buzzkill facts totally need to be a thing

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Instant Karma Gifs

ha perfect

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I never get anything done because I’m awake when everyone else is asleep.

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I usually end up going to the same food places so much that the people working there develop a crush on me. Which is sorta cool. Sorta sad lol. Back when I had a meal plan in college I used to always get pepperoni pizza so the pizza dude would look out for me and make a fresh one as soon as I walked through the door. Sweet. Except its a little irritating having to wait ten minutes for my pizza to cool down enough to eat it. Cold pizza is fine. Hehe. Or room temp. But anyways, then I found out he was in his 30’s (while I was still in my teens). And couldn’t spell. But I still appreciated the effort.

Next up was the papa johns on campus. Dude occasionally tried to throw some free bread sticks at me. I never took them because.. I just wanted pizza. I never really understood the point of bread sticks. Maybe they taste a little better with sauce but it just makes the bread more like the pizza you have right next to you… minus the cheese and toppings. 

Then five guys. I was going through a weird phase where I didn’t want to date and just had a taste for burgers. One of the workers started chatting me up, mentioning that he had seen me around before and asked me why I kept coming there… (to get a burger….?)  He later on asked me  if he could get to know me better blah blah all that jazz, which I was like he’s a little short for my taste but sure, whatever, it’s been a while since I’ve been out. Then he whipped out a napkin that already had his number written on it lol. I texted him. Turns out he was 17. x_x Nearly six years younger than me… can’t even buy a scratch off ticket yet. This is how not being able to determine people’s ages is going to get me in trouble. So, I haven’t been there since… and now ask guys for their age/ID.

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I got all cute to go out and get pizza just to come back and eat it alone in my bed.

totes me


I got all cute to go out and get pizza just to come back and eat it alone in my bed.

totes me

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I would really like to be able to tell my future children interesting stories about my life. It’s a little difficult because of how bad my memory is so I might start keeping track of some of my experiences on here. Plus I should probably do more exciting things… spending the prime years at my life at home studying. Maybe I’ll try studying at the library instead. More exciting right?

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Don’t fall in like with me.

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please not beyonce though

please not beyonce though

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